Introduction to Music Therapy

MED 159, Section Y, Section Y1 (BGS Only)

Professor: Kimberly Sena Moore, Ph.D., MT-BC
Sample Syllabus: Sample Syllabus
Course Flyer: Course Flyer
Course Overview:
An overview of the field of music therapy, including history, theory, and clinical practice.
Includes field observations.

  1. Relate basic information of the psychological and physiological basis of music as therapy
  2. Describe characteristics associated with various clinical populations and settings, such as developmental disabilities, older adults, psychiatric disorders, and medical settings
  3. Explain how music therapy can help children and adults in different areas of practice, such as developmental, educational, medical, rehabilitative, behavioral health, and wellness care
  4. Describe clinical behaviors objectively
  5. Relate basic knowledge about music therapy research
  6. Demonstrate adherence to the code of ethics
  7. Identify professional music therapy organizations and explain their role in the profession

What is Music Therapy? from Frost Online on Vimeo.