The Bachelor of General Studies Degree Program

The overall objective of the Bachelor of General Studies degree is to enhance students’ marketability.

This interdisciplinary degree is highly desirable in today's rapidly changing world and highly valued in today's workplace for developing critical thinking and decision-making skills. A Bachelor's degree provides broader exposure to multiple disciplines, opening up the mind to creative ideas and concepts about the world, society, person to person relations, and developing the soft skills that employers prefer. It also prepares you to properly present your written and oral work in a well developed manner.

Apply your previous college credits

One of the degree’s most popular benefits, a significant advantage for adult students is the relative ease with which students can apply previously earned college credits to the program. The degree’s flexibility also greatly benefits working adults; not only can they choose courses according to their schedule, but they may select the exact courses in their area of interest for professional advance or personal goals.

Advance your career

The Bachelor of General Studies at the University of Miami offers the same great advantages for career development and marketability. Many working adults are taking the time and opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree, making themselves more of an asset in today’s economically challenging society and changing workforce. A bachelor’s degree is now a strong and necessary selling point on a resume. It is an excellent, self-marketing tool. Consider what a bachelor’s degree can do for you.

Invest in Yourself and Your Future!