BGS Course Offerings

These course offerings are offered primarily for the students within the Division of Continuing Studies & International Education both in the Bachelors of General Studies and Non-Degree programs. Students who are not BGS majors or outside of the Division of Continuing and International Education Department may enroll in these courses but will be subject to pay for a separate tuition charge IN ADDITION to regular Fall /Spring semester flat tuition rate (since online and intersession courses are not always included in the 12-20 credit flat rate).

The curriculum includes courses from College of Arts & Sciences, School of Communication, Business School, and School of Education & Human Development. Click below the below buttons for more information about the different types of courses offered for our students.


Bachelors of General Studies students with approved AOC courses in the Business School can submit a course permission request via the approval request link. This request form is only for students in the BGS program and approval is up to the discretion of The School of Business for each individual course. Please submit 1 request per class. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at .