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Saturday Courses


Spring 2019

The Power of Dialogue

COS 314, Section 91
Term: Spring
Days/Times: Saturday, 11:15am - 1:30pm
Room: TBA
Professor: Shara Pavlow
Course Overview: Students learn how to engage in and lead a constructive dialogue about sensitive, emotional, and controversial issues int he public and private spheres.

The Birth of Modernity: Europe 1648 to Present

HIS 132, Section 91
Term: Spring 2019  
Days/Times: Saturday, 11:05am - 1:30pm 
Room: Dooly Memorial 119
Professor: Dr. Jeremy Gates
Course Overview: A survey of the development of the West from the formation of modern European nation-states in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the present, emphasizing the rivalry of European powers, the impact of European expansion, the effect of industrialism and revolution upon Western Society, and the role of the New World.

Ethical Decision Making in Sport and the Professions

KIN 308, Section 91
Term: Spring 2019  
Days/Times: Saturday, 8:30 am - 11:00 am 
Room: Merrick 308A
Professor: Dr. Susan Mullane
Course Overview: This course will examine ethical dilemmas in decision-making and other contemporary issues in sports management and campus and community environment.  Real and hypothetical situations will be utilized.  This course is designated Upper-Level Communication Requirement. Advanced written digital and/or oral communication proficiencies will be emphasized in this course.


Evening Courses 


Spring 2019

Literary Themes and Topics: African American Literature

ENG 210, Section 4K
Days/Times: Wednesday, 6:25pm - 9:05 pm
Professor: Marina Magloire
Course Overview: Literary analysis and practice in critical writing through the study of selected works; The African American Family: Dreams Deferred, Dreams Achieved.

Intermediate Algebra

MTH 099, Section K
Days/Times: Monday & Wednesday, 6:00pm - 7:40pm
Professor: Brittney Ellzey
Course Overview: Real number operations, polynomials, factoring, rational numbers and rational expressions. Cannot be used to fulfill the 120 credit required for graduation. 

Basic Spanish for Heritage Learners

SPA 207, Section K
Term: Spring 2019
Days/Times: Monday and Wednesday 6:25pm - 7:40pm 
Professor: Maidelin Rodriguez
Course Overview: Designed for students with some prior instruction in Spanish who, because of family background or social experience, can understand casual spoken Spanish and have some functional communication abilities in the language. Focus on developing basic speaking, reading, and writing abilities. 



Interdisciplinary Courses


Spring 2019

The Executive Communicator 

COS 560, Section TBA
Days/Times: Tuesday, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Room: TBA
Professor: David Steinberg
Course Overview: Audience analysis, speech writing, delivery in professional presentations, theory and history of great speeches are covered. Detailed critiques of students speaking styles and performances are also included.

Writing the Research Paper

ENG 333, Section K1 (Online)
Days/Times: Distance Learning
Room: N/A
Professor: Adina Sanchez-Garcia
Course Overview: Advanced techniques in conducting research and writing the research paper. Use of traditional library resources, online searches, the Internet, and other research methods. Strategies for effective presentation of research findings.