American Government: Promise & Performance

POL 390, Section Y and Y1 (BGS only)

Professor: Dr. Michael Milakovich
Sample Syllabus: Sample Syllabus
Course Overview:
American politics and government have undergone major changes during our 230 years as a Constitutional Democratic Republic. From our founding as a rebellious breakaway colony of the British Empire, to our beginnings as an agrarian economy, through the industrial revolution, the Depression, and War Years to the present day global economy and Internet revolution, our political and governmental institutions have undergone major changes. That process is guided by institutions such as a presidency, Congress, Supreme Court and local governments as well as individual elective representatives. Our subject for this course is an assessment of how promises made individual politicians, political parties, and representatives bodies are fulfilled by governmental institutions. We study the original 18th Century design of our government under the Constitution and evaluate whether or not the current system of checks and balances, overlapping powers, federalism, and judicial review adequately responds to the 21st Century challenges, demands, and threats.