The Superhuman Mind

PHI 109, Section Y, Section Y1 (BGS Only)

Professor: Berit Brogaard
Sample Syllabus: Sample Syllabus
Course Overview:
This course is an introduction to cutting-edge neuroscience, basic concepts in philosophy of mind, and the ethical implications of unusual neurological abilities. As a study of people with special neurological talents, the course will look at cases of people who became geniuses by accident, human echolocation (deaf people who can detect sound), lucid dreaming, synthetic telepathy used to move object with the mind, and more. The cases will be used to shed light on basic concepts in basic concepts in philosophy, such as the concept of mind, the concept of intelligence and the concept of human capacity. We will also look at the implications of these cases for current ethical debates. The course satisfies the general education social/behavior, science, value, and writing requirements.