Writing an Autobiography

ENG 408, Section Y and Y1 (BGS Only)

Professor: Ann Ansay
Sample Syllabus: Sample Syllabus
Course Overview:
Miami Writers is a 200-level survey course on writing (fiction, poetry and nonfiction) set in the Miami area by writers who call Miami home. If you love to read, be prepared to feast. If you're interesting in getting involved in the Miami arts community, prepare to dive in. Over the course of the next sixteen weeks, we'll be exploring our unique and vibrant and, yes, high-strung city through its diverse and talented writers. We'll begin with a sampling of poems, essays and performances—a diverse range of genres and voices—before moving on to novels by Diana Abu-Jabar (Birds of Paradise) and Chantel Acevedo (A Falling Star), concluding with full-length works by international icon Edwidge Danticat (Brother, I'm Dying) and a collaborative romp lead by Carl Hiassen (Naked Came the Manatee.) Your own story will be important here as well, and I look forward to getting to know your Miami through your written responses to our readings, through your spoken comments during our live webinars, through video journals you'll be keeping (if you haven't done this before, no worries!) and, ultimately, through a collaborative final project. Each student will responsible for attending one literary event in the Miami area (or a corresponding event wherever you might be) and writing a 5-7 page response, which may take the form of a review, an opinion piece, or a short personal essay.