Curriculum Requirements

General Education Required Courses 57-66 credits

English Composition 3-6 credits
Candidates must complete English 105 and 106 within their first two semesters in residence.

Foreign Language 3-9 credits
Candidates must earn at least 3 credits in a foreign language at the 200 level or higher. Please view the Math Placement Guide.

Mathematics and Computer Science 9 credits
Candidates must complete 6 credits in math at a 100-level or higher.

  • MTH 101 - College Algebra
    • A passing grade in MTH 099* of a "C" or better is required before taking MTH 101
    • Or an acceptable score on the math placement assessment (ALEKS) is required before tkaing MTH 101
  • MTH 113 - Finite Math

*Please Note: MTH099 does not count towards your undergraduate completion credits. 3 credits in Computer Science is mandatory.

History and Social Sciences 15 credits
Degree candidates must earn 6 credits in a two-semester history survey sequence.
Students must earn 9 credits in the following disciplines: African American studies, anthropology, communication, economics, geography, politics science, psychology, or sociology.

Natural Sciences 6 credits
Candidates may fulfill the Natural Sciences requirement by taking 6 credits in one or more of the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, geological sciences, environmental sciences; marine sciences, physics, and physical sciences.

Humanities 21 credits
Required humanities disciples are listed

  • Religious Studies: 3 credits
  • Fine Arts: 3 credits
  • Philosophy: 3 credits
  • Literature: 3 credits
  • Other Humanities: 9 credits
    Students may select general humanities credits from any of the above disciplines as well as American Studies in Humanities, Art, Cinema and Interactive Media, Dance, Theater Arts, Musicology, or Women and Gender Studies.

Electives 15 credits
Students choose elective courses in consultation with their advisor to complete the 120-credit graduation requirement.

Interdisciplinary Courses 15 credits
The interdisciplinary courses serve as the core of the BGS program. Designed to strengthen critical thinking and writing skills of the students, each course is taught by exceptional University of Miami faculty who are committed to the adult student. Each BGS candidate will take five interdisciplinary courses that will address each of the following categories:

  • Ideas and Inquiry
  • The Creative Imagination
  • Science and Human Values
  • Historical Understanding
  • Writing the Research Paper (required)

ENG333, Writing the Research Paper is mandatory to graduate from the BGS program.
Candidates for the BGS degree must earn a grade of “C” or higher in Interdisciplinary and Area of Concentration courses and maintaining a GPA of 2.5 to meet the requirement for BGS graduation.

Area of Concentration 30 credits
Every candidate for a degree must select an area of concentration. The candidate designs an area of concentration that meets his/her professional and personal goals. The program must meet final approval with an advisor or dean of the program. Students must earn grades of "C" or higher and maintain a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA in the selected area of concentration courses to receive graduation approval.