How to Drop | Add a Course

Course Request Form: Choose your course to enroll and complete a course request form**
Click above to complete a course request* to enroll in an undergraduate credit course. All students should enroll through CaneLink's self-service enrollment.

  • Select courses using the online class search.
  • Click above and complete a course request form. Make sure to include:
    • Name
    • C-Number (9-digit student number that begins with the letter "C"
    • Semester
    • Name of course, number of course, and section number
  • Put a contact number and your e-mail
  • Sign it
  • Email your completed forms to
  • For math courses - students must contact the math department to either take the math placement test (more info online or at 305-284-2575) or provide proof of math prerequisites to the math department - YOU CANNOT be enrolled in math courses without contacting and receiving official approval from the math department

**Late fees apply for any course request forms that are submitted the first day of classes.

Not attending or not paying does not drop you from a course. You need to academically drop the course by using self-service through CaneLink or submitting a Drop/Add form or you may acquire an "F" on your academic record.
Make full payment or arrangements to pay by the first day of class. For questions on refunds, fees and payment plans, please contact the office of student account services at or 305-284-6430.

Dropping a Course: Drop / Add Form

Click above to drop courses you are currently enrolled in.

  • Refer to the academic calendar for last day to drop/add courses and late fees that apply
  • Use a separate form for each semester; do not put more than one semester on a single drop/add form
  • Refund amount depends on the day you drop the course. For questions on refunds, fees and payment plans, please contact the Office of Student Account Services at or (305) 284-6430
  • Send the completed Drop/Add form* to or bring to Allen Hall for processing
  • All complete withdrawals must go through the 'Canes Success Center.

Dropping a Course: Log into CaneLink

Click above to log onto CaneLink.

Confirm your drop has been processed – otherwise you could acquire an "F" on your transcript and not be refunded the correct amount of tuition charges